5 Major Steps Involved for a Project Under Construction

5 Major Steps Involved for a Project Under Construction – Alpha Contractors of McAllen, TX

With any construction project, there are things that have to be put in order of sequence for the new or renovation build to be successful and run smoothly. Our team at Alpha Contractors of McAllen what to share this great article with you. Written by Nancy Whitman, one of our favorites.

We hope you enjoy.

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Science Articles | February 24, 2020

Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com

By: Nancy Whitman

Construction. It isn’t just about building and making sure that the plans of the project are being followed. There are many things about the construction that you need to know.

There are five primary stages of a project that’s under construction. Phases that need to be followed if you want to have success with your construction. These are the primary steps involved in project in construction. Stages that you might not know about, or that you didn’t realize is the responsibility of the contractor. Without these stages, the whole construction will fall apart.

1) The design phase

The first stage is where the design of the project starts to get shape. This is where the plans are drawn and approved by the client. To make adjustments to ensure that everything is according to the client’s preferences and needs.

You might think that when construction is hired, they immediately start with the building. However, this isn’t like this. They need to make sure that the design of the project is drawn and that everyone is understanding the project completely.

2) Preliminary construction phase

No, this isn’t where the construction starts. This is the pre-construction stage. Where the construction site is getting tested to make sure that the site is fit for this type of project. If the soil is correct and if the plans are adjusted to the results of the pre-construction results.

The people that you will find at a pre-construction stage are agreement administrator, project manager, chief inspector, construction engineer, OHS manager. This stage can’t continue if any one of these people is missing. During this stage, extensive soil testing is performed by a geotechnical engineering firm to determine the viability of the soil and how it will affect structural loads. It is during this time that site investigation and mapping is conducted, as well as comprehensive construction inspections. The outcome of the stringent geotechnical tests that are carried out by the geotechnical engineering company influence the strength of concrete and reinforcement that must be used for project design.

3) Material acquisition phase

This is the stage where the building materials are ordered and where it is getting delivered correctly to the right people. This is normal everyday people that will get and sign for these materials.  This is where they are doing the calculations to ensure that they are using the right amount of stuff directly from the cheaper places.

The materials should not arrive all at the same time. You should make sure that it arrives as the contractors have used it.  Clean and neat.

4) The construction phase

Now you can start with the construction state. The stage where the actual building starts. Where the construction of the building starts. And, where the contractors need to make sure that the deadlines are being met.

This is the part that we all know. The actual building part. Where the material that has arrived is being used to build. Where the inspections in-between the construction is getting done to ensure that the construction is done at the highest level.

5) Post-building phase

This involves the final inspection, the handover to the owners of the building and the final cleanup of the construction from building materials and debris.

With the final inspection, they are inspecting the quality of the building, the building against the plans that the client has asked and against the actual size that it needs to be. If this isn’t the right size, the contractors will be penalized and they won’t get the agreed money after the building project. Sometimes people from the outside are doing the inspections to make sure that everything is according to plan.

These are the stages of a project in construction. Making sure that you are following each stage and to make sure that it is according to the needs of the landowner. If not, the contractor is going to pay money for the delays and for wrongfully installations and buildings. Luckily This isn’t going to be a problem anymore, and you will know for sure that you are going to construct a building correctly and according to the rules and regulations of the building.

Alpha Contractors of McAllen, TX

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