Kitchen Remodeling

Turn the heat up in your kitchen!

Alpha offers some great opportunities to enhance your kitchen space, make it more visually pleasing, and functional for all your home cooking needs.

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Kitchen remodeling benefits

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen out of the desire to upgrade the area in which they spend so much time, we have some great tips and reasons to pull the trigger and say YES!!

Increase Home Value

When doing a kitchen remodel, it’s important to know that kitchen remodel can improve the value of your home. When looking at the market, the return on investment on a kitchen remodel is around 80 – 90%. That’s a large return on your house value! You may not be in the market to sell any time soon but it is a great incentive to upgrade your kitchen, and you can’t go wrong with your 1st choice on kitchen renovation – Alpha Contractors of McAllen, TX


With our team of contractors, we will help you design the kitchen space you have always wanted to fit your lifestyle with modern fixtures, upgraded cabinets, and beautiful granite or quartz countertops. Let’s make your life easier and much more enjoyable. Every aspect of your new kitchen will have a purpose and will function perfectly to your unique situation. No more frustrated family get togethers or holiday frustrations, entertain the right way with a kitchen renovation by the Alpha Contractors team from McAllen.

Increase water and energy costs

A kitchen remodel can help you save on water and energy costs.

If y our refrigerator dates back to the 70’s, it’s probably also taking up a good amount of electricity to run it. A kitchen in the main source and full of energy sucking machines, including microwaves, ovens, stoves and dishwashers. If these appliances are over 25 years old, they won’t be stamped with the EPA’s Energy Star seal. The last thing you need is for an appliance to go out and then you’ll have to find old parts that at this point are lost in time.

Stop throwing your money out the window, Alpha can help you upgrade that kitchen and bring it into the 21st century. Renovating an older kitchen offers lots of ways to update to energy- and water-saving appliances and also help the environment.

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