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When looking for a contractor to help build your dream home, let the Alpha team source your project to some of the best vetted contractors and builders in McAllen, and the RGV.

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New Home Construction

Alpha Contractors of McAllen is a full service sourcing construction company who can provide you with a wide range of new construction and remodeling solutions for your new residential home.

The Alpha Team understands that your home is a reflection of your personality, so we make sure that we get to know your unique style and taste. We know your house will be your safe haven for you and your loved ones; it is where you will have fun dinners, enjoy a great book by the fireplace, or have a hot bath in the hot tub after a hard day at work.  You’re going to spend most of your time at home so it is our goal to make it the most beautiful place to be, visually pleasing, warm and inviting, and also match your taste and style. Whether you are into a traditional, cozy feel, or a sleek, modern quality, an experienced Alpha Contractor of Mcallen will make sure your dream home is build to your liking.

Complete Home Remodel

Do you love the home you’re in now but it needs an update? Doing a complete home remodel can be a daunting task, especially if your thinking about doing it yourself. Maybe you’re thinking I can hire my cousin, well you can, but what are the odds everything turns out the way you want them to. Hiring a full service construction company can ease the process for you.  We start with an initial FREE ESTIMATE, where a trained and carefully selected Alpha specialist will come on site to review the existing conditions and determine how to incorporate your specific needs into your home.  No matter what room you want to target, Alpha Contractors of McAllen will transform it to your liking!

We will make sure that the designs we plan will be practical and provides the maximum functionality to your home, We will sit down with you to get the best artistic design, and select the best textures and materials to fit what you have always envisioned for your home. 

Whatever room you want to enhance; kitchen, bathroom, living room, foyer, Alpha Contractors will help you get the home of your dreams!

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